The perfumers apprentice flavours


Flavour concentrates have to be diluted before vaping




E liquid flavours by the perfumers apprentice

A choice of over 70 flavor concentrates, these have to be diluted before you can safely vape them. We recommend a ratio of 5 to 15 %

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TPA flavours

Absinthe TPA, Apple Granny Smith TPA, Apricot TPA, Banana cream TPA, Bavarian cream TPA, Black cherry TPA, Blackberry TPA, Blueberry TPA, Bourbon TPA, Bubblegum TPA, Cantaloupe TPA, Caramel original TPA, Cheesecake TPA, Chocolate TPA, Citrus punch TPA, Coconut TPA, Coffee TPA, Cola cherry TPA, Cotton candy TPA, Cubano tobacco TPA, DK tobacco TPA, Dragonfruit TPA, DX vanilla cupcake TPA, Energy drink TPA, Espresso TPA, French vanilla TPA, Grape fruit TPA, Green apple TPA, Hazelnut TPA, Honey TPA, Irish cream TPA, Jack fruit TPA, Kiwi TPA, Lemon lime TPA, Lemon TPA, Lychee TPA, Mango TPA, Marshmallow TPA, Mary jane TPA, Menthol arctic TPA, Menthol TPA, Milk chocolate TPA, Mint candy TPA, Mojito TPA, Orange mandarin TPA, Papaya TPA, Passion fruit TPA, Peach TPA, Pear TPA, Peppermint TPA, Pina colada TPA, Pineapple TPA, Pistachio TPA, Raspberry TPA, Red oak TPA, RY 4 TPA, Spearmint TPA, Strawberry TPA, Tobacco TPA, Tutti frutti TPA, Vanilla TPA, Watermelon TPA


10 ml, 20 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml


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